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PhotoExtreme PhotoExtreme (?)
The target is to shoot a peculiar moment. The shot must strictly follow the task conditions, quality is not rated. The winner is the team first and most exactly completed all tasks.
from аstritФотопоиск (#6, 02.02.2009)
17.02.2018 17:19:35  
1 14
Points Points (?)
Points game
from ~#ШиПУКлЯк#~~Точки (#5, 30.12.2008)
25.03.2009 19:20:40  
1 3
Competition Competition (?)
Creative contest
from KonstantinКонкурс №1 (тест) (#7, 03.12.2012)
26.11.2012 14:03:00  
1 1
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