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12/21/2007 5:23:50 PM
Encounter Comes to Seattle
Let's Play

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Game details

PhotoExtreme PhotoExtreme (?): (#6) "Фотопоиск" Discussion
Game author: air
The game complexity factor: 0.18
Author's factor of game complexity: 1
Game: PhotoExtreme
Game format: Single
Start of the game: 2/2/2009 11:00:00 AM (UTC 0)
The beginning of the game in your time zone: (UTC )
The game completion time: 2/2/2028 10:00:00 AM (UTC 0)
Participation fee:0usdconfirm participation
Prize fund: 0usd (50% from the sum of subscription)
Responses in the guest book: 14 messages

Game rating
The game rating will be received at 2/2/2028 10:00:00 AM.

Photo galleries

"Alexhex" (5 photos, author Alexhex)
"Жук" (1 photo, author veleswel)

From game author

Это тренировочная игра для желающих поиграть в формат ФОТОПОИСК. В этой игре вы можете ознакомиться с интерфейсом движка и потренироваться загружать свои фотографии.

4/13/2021 2:32:23 PM
(UTC +1)

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